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About The artist

Stephanie Quinby is a Registered Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.  Painting was a part time hobby, but grew into a passion when she connected it to her yoga practice.

Each painting reminds us to check in with ourselves, wherever we are.  If practice leads you to class, the mountains, in the daily routine of taking a walk, or painting a picture, we are all connected.  To ourselves and to others.

"The external work we do when we step to the mat can be easily identified.  We become stronger, more flexible, more balanced, more accutely aware of our physical bodies and the placement of our hands, shoulders, hips, and feet...

Over time, we begin to recognize, the internal development.  We develop an attentiveness, an increased level intellectual and emotional clarity.  This expansion and growth creates a larger ripple and the impact is exponential.  

This expansion is the  most evident, and the most relevant to improving our relationships.  The relationship we have with others and the relationship we develop within our own Self."  

~StephanieQuinby, E-RYT 200/LMT/Thai Massage